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Roland Oberrauter


Owner & Chairman

Katherine Oberrauter




The company OSC was founded by Roland Oberrauter in 1996 through a partial takeover of the company Schluessel Weiss in Zurich. As a certified partner of the KABA, SALTO, KESO und SEA systems, OSC GmbH belongs to the leading building security specialist in Switzerland.

Today more than 6500 clients throughout Switzerland trust us with their security. 

Our core competences are:

Consulting – Planning – Installation and Maintenance of Security- and Access-Control Systems.


General principle

Our ultimate goal

Guarantee top quality of all products and services.

This goal was met by a rigorous quality policy that is firmly anchored in the corporate strategy of OSC GmbH. Every employee in our company is committed to quality and sets our high standards into their daily work.

Offer the best products at a fair price

We're constantly improving our quality of our services and products. Errors are to be avoided if possible in advance, excluded respectively corrected immediately and permanently. Our products are worth their price.

The best interests of our customers

The customer is the center of our quality concept. Through intensive communication with customers, partners and suppliers, we identify specific needs and requirements. Flexibility is our special strength and the basis for our long-term success. In this way we lead our employees, our suppliers and customers to succeed and secure long-term jobs in our company.

Include employees in the quality policy and the optimization process

All of our staff know that only transparency and open dealing with mistakes and grievances provide the ability to troubleshoot, process and product optimization. 

Ensure health and safety of our employees

Responsibility to our employees is taken very seriously. We are always striving to maintain a job in our company, our employees. Regulations and measures to ensure a safe and healthy workplace are always maintained.

Team Work

As a growing company, we place the greatest importance to a good working atmosphere and work in partnership in the team. We consider it our duty to do everything to ensure that our employees identify with the products, services and the company's philosophy of OSC GmbH. The appreciation of our employees and colleagues plays an important role in our company. Through a collaborative style, we want to create a pleasant working climate in which there is no place for bullying, but all work as a team. OSC GmbH has since its founding in 1996, recorded only one voluntary departure. This fact indicates that our working environment is very balanced and appreciated by the staff.


OSC Wetzikon OSC Zürich
Plannig office Wetzikon Servicecenter Zürich
Giessereistrasse 1 Räffelstrasse 25
CH-8620 Wetzikon CH-8045 Zürich

Tel. +41 44 933 61 81  

Tel. +41 44 933 61 81